Monday – Football Day

Luke and Sean took a football session from TW Sports. They taught some skills and then we played a match. 

We watched the film ‘Early Man’. It’s an animation all about football. Some played ‘Let’s Dance’ on the Wii. 

We learnt the ‘Waka Waka’ song and dance from the African World Cup. Mr Murray took this session. 

Primary made some football coasters and ‘scratch art’ football boot magnets. 



Tuesday – Circus/Chocolate Day

Monkeynastix took an exercise session with the primary. This involved the parachute, music, movement and obstacle courses. 

The secondary watched ‘The Greatest Showman’ film whilst groups baked chocolate brownies or chocolate chip cookies. I have heard the brownies were delicious!!! They wouldn’t share!!! 

In the afternoon Circus Skills came. They taught us how to walk on a tightrope, hula hoop and juggle. They also did a silly game called head catch. We’ll teach it to you some time. 

The primary modelled with chocolate playdough, enjoyed circus art activities and had fun having their faces painted by Mrs Watson.



Wednesday – Pamper/ Bowling

The girls had a pamper morning by indulging in nail painting and braiding hair whilst the boys played Mario Cart on the Wii. 

The primary painted musical instruments whilst enjoying the good weather outside in the playground.

Then we had our trip to Glengormley Sports Bowl where we went ten pin bowling. Fun was had by all!!!



Thursday –Nature Day

Ulster Wildlife came in the morning. Andrew talked to us about the decrease of bird numbers in Northern Ireland. We built bird boxes to welcome birds into our nature reserve. 

The younger pupils painted bug hotels and went on a bug hunt. They had a great time in the Nature Reserve. 

Mike from World of Owls came in the afternoon. He brought a barn owl – she had been taught to fly into her nesting box. She was very soft. He brought Harley, a long eared owl who is extremely famous and starred in Harry Potter. He also brought a Madagascar hissing cockroach which he put onto both Dean and Mrs McClelland. He also had a stick insect, bearded dragon lizard and a royal python. The pupils loved it and ‘some’ of the staff!!



Friday – Movin’ and Groovin’ Day

In the morning Ryan and Shane, two Jiu Jitsu Sensei’s came from ‘The Dojo’ in Ballymena. They showed us how to warm up, how to say ‘No’ to bullies by using a special fighting stance, then our fight stance, leading into punching. They also showed us some self-defence moves like releasing your arm if some-one grabs you. You do this by using ‘thumb’s up’ and your muscles. 

Lavinia took a dance session. Pupils learnt a dance to ‘Come Alive’ from The Greatest Showman.     

Joe from the Gathering Drum came in the afternoon. He brought Djembe’s. He showed us how to play ‘low drum’ and ‘high drum’. We warmed up by making a rainstorm happen using different sounds, we played rhythm games and echo games. He brought out the steel drums and we played a carnival song. A great way to end the summer scheme!