River Study


On 8th of February my class and I went to Colin Glen River which is in Glengormley somewhere. There were two other classes who also attended to do the river study with us. When we got to the centre place, there was a lovely instructor called ‘Dean’. Before we started doing anything, Dean gave us an instruction about how we measure different parts of the river by demonstrating four different equipment to use. At the same time as basic information about erosion, transportation and deposition.


After all that, we all went for a walk outside into the river park. The place looked really pretty and peaceful, except for the water splashing/flowing sound from the river as you can down from the path but it was a polite sound. 


By the end of the day, I kind of enjoyed the trip to be honest I have to! It was interesting to see how you measure the different parts of the river in person and it did give me more of understanding of how you do it. I am more clear about measuring the river in various methods which gives me an opportunity to give good answers and explain better by imagining it for GCSE examinations.