Friday 6th December was a Super-Learning Day across the school. The theme was ‘Investigation’.

Primary pupils investigated measure, the taste of different fruit and the food miles that the fruit had travelled to arrive on their plates. They used a variety of materials to build bridges and they were delighted that all the bridges remained standing during the strength test!

The Post Primary pupils investigated the taste of different fruits, with pears and blackberries being the most popular. They also investigated food miles, did bridge building and different science experiments to determine food types, and took their fingerprints.

The visually impaired pupils attended a workshop on hearing impairment by investigating hearing aids. The deaf pupils investigated visual impairment by trying to complete education tasks while wearing glasses which simulated visual impairment and tried to identify raised tactile drawings with their eyes shut –  a lot harder than they thought!

All the pupils had a wonderful day filled with fun, laughter and learning.