Everyone has had a great week. 

Day 1 – Circus Skills Workshop came to visit us in the morning and then in the afternoon World of Owls came in. The children had an amazing time learning to juggle and petting owls and snakes.

Day 2 – We made some playdough in the morning and did basket weaving.  The children loved being creative and had fun playing some games.  In the afternoon we all went bowling, everyone loved it and showed their competitive sides.

Day 3 – Lea Vaughan (Forest Fitness) came into school with lots of activities for us all to do. We enjoyed learning how to box, we timed ourselves on the mini assault course and had a great time playing with the nerf guns.  At the end of the day all the children were exhausted after a very active day.

Day 4 – The bus came and picked us up and took us to Carrickfergus Cinema to see Toy Story 4. We were very lucky as we were able to sit in the VIP suite, everyone loved the reclining chairs and also the film. When we got back to school we celebrated a child’s birthday with some cake and dancing. Smiles all round. 

All in all, all children and staff had a brilliant week! Thanks everyone for coming, see you all next year for more fun and games.