Pupils from Class 3, 4 and 5 where involved  in the Councils and Arts Council of Northern Ireland “ Love Living Here” Artists in Schools Project.

Visiting Artists Amanda Montgomery and Caroline Hepburn provided exciting, fun filled hands on creative workshops exploring the theme of “ Why we love Jordanstown School “. 

The pupils created a large colourful mural for our Primary playground to be enjoyed for years to come.

Mr Dougherty

We had a special assembly to celebrate the achievements of those pupils leaving us at the end of June to begin the next step in their adventure of life.

Good luck from everyone at Jordanstown School. 

Quote from a leaver,

“This school has definitely changed me as a person and if I didn’t go to this school I wouldn’t be the person I am today, I wouldn’t have had much support if I hadn’t have went to Jordanstown.”

The pupils of Jordanstown School took part in a mental health afternoon. They discussed what made them feel stressed or ‘down’ and what strategies they could use to help in this situation.

We finished the session with a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit to remind them to always take time to talk to friends and family. 

In Science pupils were looking at how shoe sole casts are made at crime scenes. We had to use our observation skills to match the patterns. 

Groups tried taking their fingerprints to see how different we all are. We had fun making mini villains.

In Technology and Design pupils were learning about structures and how they are used in everyday life. We focused on Geodesic domes, the creator of the domes and how they are formed. Pupils created small Geodesic Domes using art straws and also paper. We also constructed a life size structure. This allowed pupils to experience how Geodesic domes are created using triangular construction. 

KS3 and KS4 pupils participated in Art workshops to promote S.T.E.A.M day. Pupils created a colourful tactile mural of science instruments and imagery to be displayed and enjoyed in school.

In Maths the focus was on financial capabilities, specifically all the different ways we can pay for things and how to do it safely.

The use of ATM’s – how to use them safely, how to look out for ATM’s that have been tampered with and what to do if you see anything suspicious.  

The use of chip and pin in shops – how to cover your pin number, what to do if your card is lost or stolen etc.

How to use contactless payment.

The differences between credit, debit and cash cards.

How to write a cheque.

How to buy things on the internet and how to do it safely.

We discussed new payment techniques, eg. Apple pay, and the advantages and things to watch out for with these.  

On Monday the 10th June Jordanstown School had their annual sports day. Thanks to everyone who made it a wonderful morning.

Lord Lieutenant of County Antrim Mrs Joan Christie CVO OBE, Deputy Lord Lieutenant Mr Steven Montgomery and Cadet Catherine Hill came to visit Jordanstown today. 

Mrs Christie was greeted by pupils from the school and enjoyed a performance by the whole school choir.  She thoroughly enjoyed having a tour of the school and watching sports day. 

Jordanstown School hosted Thornfield pupils for the first ever ‘have a go’ day with Ulster GAA. The kids had a ball!

We are excited to announce our new partnership with The Signature Works to supply all our uniform needs.

Sample will be available to view this coming Monday at our School Sports Day!

Please click on the picture below to visit the Jordanstown school uniform order page.

On Monday 3rd June the secondary department held their ICT day.

Pupils were set a series of tasks to plan and implement through the day that would challenge and improve their ICT skills!

The pupils worked hard through the day and some fantastic work was created!

Jordanstown school pupils at the Inter School Formal, Galgorm Manor, Ballymena.

Big thanks to staff and parents for their support to make it a fabulous night.