On Friday 16th March three pupils received their First Holy Communion from the Celebrant Fr Patrick Delvin.


Hello my name is Ryan I am in 3rd year. On Thursday the 15th March 2018, 8 of us went to BBC studios in Northern Ireland. It was me, Alanis, Katie, Kyle (my brother), Cerys, Trevor, Cain and Aliyah also 2 teachers and 2 classroom assistants. Miss Sturgeon, Mr Hughes, Mrs Gillespie and Mrs Jamison. We got into 2 groups of 4.


My group was me, Katie, Kyle, Cerys, Mrs Gillespie and Mr Hughes and the others were in the other group. Once we got there we went and saw  behind the scenes of the weather, sports commentary and the news. After that my group went to the radio station studio. When we got there we learnt about the way they work. After that we went into a room that if you went to one end you couldn’t hear anything on the other side of the room even if you shouted – Kyle was the biggest fan!


After that we were given a script that we read over, then you went to mics and recorded it. After that we went to the recording booth and heard it. Then Frank the editor changed it to add sounds. It was the coolest thing ever and I would love to be a radio editor. Then when we finished at the radio station studio we met up with the other group at news table and the massive green screen.


I got  a photo of me at the news table with kyle and they have a computer in the middle of the table. Then we left at the end of the day. It was a really good day and we all would love to go again and it also was very interesting.




Reporters in action.


Please click on the link to download and listen to the radio show created by the BBC with kyle, Katie, Ryan, and Cery’s.


BBC School Report Radio Show




Congratulations to Mrs McQuiggan winner of the NDCS award for inspiring deaf children. 


The School choir were invited to perform at the annual ‘Social Worker Awards’ ceremony held at Galgorm Resort and Spa on Friday 9th March 2018.


The choir performed four songs and received a standing ovation from the audience.


The choir members also enjoyed tea/coffee with scones and cream.

River Study


On 8th of February my class and I went to Colin Glen River which is in Glengormley somewhere. There were two other classes who also attended to do the river study with us. When we got to the centre place, there was a lovely instructor called ‘Dean’. Before we started doing anything, Dean gave us an instruction about how we measure different parts of the river by demonstrating four different equipment to use. At the same time as basic information about erosion, transportation and deposition.


After all that, we all went for a walk outside into the river park. The place looked really pretty and peaceful, except for the water splashing/flowing sound from the river as you can down from the path but it was a polite sound. 


By the end of the day, I kind of enjoyed the trip to be honest I have to! It was interesting to see how you measure the different parts of the river in person and it did give me more of understanding of how you do it. I am more clear about measuring the river in various methods which gives me an opportunity to give good answers and explain better by imagining it for GCSE examinations.









Whilst we have only just arrived back from half-term the Easter holidays are fast approaching! The school will close for pupils at 12pm on Wednesday 28th March and re-open on Wednesday 11th April.

Could we thank you for all your continued support.


Mr Smith




Congratulations to Elliryn making her confirmation today with Bishop Farquhar. 

On Friday 23rd February pupils of Jordanstown School were transported to the Continent of Africa for our Super Learning Day.


They had the opportunity to try some African dancing, drumming, make mud huts, learn about cocoa beans, taste hot chocolate, paint African pictures and create our own stop motion movies.


We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs.

Some members of Jordanstown School Choir participated in the annual Mossgrove music festival at Ballyearl Arts Centre on Thursday 8th February 2018.  The choir performed a medley of songs which included signing, singing, percussion instruments and vocal solos.


All the children excelled themselves and earned first place in the competition, winning the trophy for the third year in a row. The choir also received a distinction from the adjudicator! The adjudicator commented on the following;


‘Well done- you were all excellent!  I really enjoyed your strong performance!’.



Masterpiece for the MAC Art Competition


Out of 600 entries for the province wide school art competition the Masterpiece at the MAC, one of the pupils from Jordanstown school was awarded the overall prize winner and another was one of the 12 winners.


Class 4 and 5 went to the MAC for the launch of the exhibition of the art works, to receive the prizes and to have a workshop with local artists.


All the art work is currently on display to the public at the MAC in Belfast.