Class 1 and class 2 visited the fire station at Westland road. We had so much fun learning all about the fire station, fire engines and the job the fire fighters do!


We tried on the fire helmets and shot water out of the fire hoses. We had a great day! Thanks to Tommy, Kev and Darragh for inviting us to the fire station.


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10 Apps Teens are Using that Parents Need to Know


Happy Easter from the pupils and staff of Jordanstown School


Picture of Large Easter Egg Painting made by Class 3

On Friday 23rd March 2018 the Primary pupils enjoyed an Easter egg hunt around school. 



The Pupil Council came up with the idea of raising money by having pancakes for break as we missed Pancake Tuesday due to the mid-term break.


They worked really well as a team to deliver toasty warm pancakes for all the pupils.


They raised £52 and after researching a few charities they decided to donate the money to the Sonshine Charity as Brenda had given a talk about the great work it does in Africa on Super Learning Day.


Class 5 also donated £10 from their ‘kindness jar’


Brenda from the Sonshine charity receiving a donation from the school pupil council



6B organised Crazy Hair Day for the whole school as part of their business enterprise project.


They raised £96 for the charity Tiny Life. It was an amazing day that everyone enjoyed. Well done to all involved.



The school celebrated World Book Day on Friday 23rd March 2018.






On 20th March 2018 the local PSNI policing team visited the Primary Department.


We have been learning about people in uniforms who help us.





On Friday 16th March three pupils received their First Holy Communion from the Celebrant Fr Patrick Delvin.


Hello my name is Ryan I am in 3rd year. On Thursday the 15th March 2018, 8 of us went to BBC studios in Northern Ireland. It was me, Alanis, Katie, Kyle (my brother), Cerys, Trevor, Cain and Aliyah also 2 teachers and 2 classroom assistants. Miss Sturgeon, Mr Hughes, Mrs Gillespie and Mrs Jamison. We got into 2 groups of 4.


My group was me, Katie, Kyle, Cerys, Mrs Gillespie and Mr Hughes and the others were in the other group. Once we got there we went and saw  behind the scenes of the weather, sports commentary and the news. After that my group went to the radio station studio. When we got there we learnt about the way they work. After that we went into a room that if you went to one end you couldn’t hear anything on the other side of the room even if you shouted – Kyle was the biggest fan!


After that we were given a script that we read over, then you went to mics and recorded it. After that we went to the recording booth and heard it. Then Frank the editor changed it to add sounds. It was the coolest thing ever and I would love to be a radio editor. Then when we finished at the radio station studio we met up with the other group at news table and the massive green screen.


I got  a photo of me at the news table with kyle and they have a computer in the middle of the table. Then we left at the end of the day. It was a really good day and we all would love to go again and it also was very interesting.




Reporters in action.


Please click on the link to download and listen to the radio show created by the BBC with kyle, Katie, Ryan, and Cery’s.


BBC School Report Radio Show