Learn2Sign and the Spring Concert at St Anne’s Cathedral


In December 2015 my class, Form 8B from St Dominic’s Grammar School, were given the opportunity to attend the Learn2Sign course in Jordanstown School. I was excited to learn some words in sign language but I doubted if I would be able to remember any of them as my memory is worse than a goldfish!


When I arrived at Jordanstown School I was a little apprehensive because even though my whole class was there, I had never met any of the people who would be teaching us.  However I was soon able to relax as both the pupils and the staff were extremely welcoming, helpful and friendly. Before we learned some sign language we were told about how to communicate with a deaf person. Next we were split into groups and taken to our teachers, who in fact were pupils of the school. We were taught how to sign various things such as the colours, foods, feelings, feelings, numbers, the alphabet and place names.  Their approach to teaching sign language was confident and intelligent and it is that which has helped me remember most of the signs to this day. I left the school happy that I had learned some sign language and been introduced to some really nice people.


St Dominic’s has a Spring concert every year and it was a privilege to be able to perform a song in sign language with the students from Jordanstown School this year.  Form 8B and some of the Jordanstown School signing choir signed along to the song ‘Climb Every Mountain’ accompanied by St Dominic’s chamber choir. I’m not lying when I say a few audience members were moved to tears. I really enjoyed the experience and will cherish it as one of the best memories from my first year in St Dominic’s Grammar School.


Written by Edel