Jordanstown School was delighted today to welcome David Roberts of Sustainable Schools, as part of his Journey of Hope from the Shetland Islands to the Scilly Isles.


David is making his journey using sustainable transport, visiting projects all over the country which are working to protect the environment.  


The staff and pupils of Jordanstown School worked together to create a Butterfly Haven, and we were very fortunate to have David’s expertise to guide us.


Each class planted a small flower bed with flowers and shrubs which attract butterflies, but we learned that we also need to make sure that the butterflies have somewhere to live and breed.  The next step will therefore be to grow some long grass and nettles!


The pupils also started work on crafting minibeasts from wood and plastic bottle tops for decorating the Nature Reserve.  Large plastic bottles were also recycled to create small painted butterflies.


The school presented David with a native Irish oak sapling to bring over to his native city of Liverpool.  He will present it to St Vincent’s School to plant in their grounds.


All in all it was a wonderful day full of laughter and learning.  We wish David well as he makes his journey on from Jordanstown School through the rest of the United Kingdom to the Scilly Isles.