Job Vacancies

Job information

• Based in Jordanstown School, Newtownabbey.
• 52 week working year
• Leave entitlement of 21 days a year plus statutory holidays. Up to 5 days of leave may be taken during the school term.
• 3 year contract



Starting salaries are

• Speech and language therapist – £27,000
• Occupational therapist – £25,000
• Physiotherapist – £25,000
• Audiologist – £25,000




Physiotherapy Personnel Specification
Physio Application form
Monitoring Questionnaire


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapist Personnel Specification
OT application form
Monitoring Questionnaire



Audiologist Personnel Specification
Audiologist Application form
Monitoring Questionnaire


Speech and Language Therapist Post

Speech and language Personnel Specification
SLT application form
Monitoring Questionnaire