Forest School after school club has now finished and the pupils had so much fun.  We were very lucky with the weather but we were all equally as happy being out in the rain! 

Forest School is child led learning.  As well as fresh air and exercise some of the aims are: using imagination and thinking skills, encouraging independence but also team- work and communication.

Activities involved :

  • Conker hunting, the pupils decided to make their conkers in the containers instruments and loved pretending to be soldiers!
  • Conker crafts.
  • Searching for spiders, looking at spider’s web structure and making spider’s webs.
  • Making animals pictures out of natural items found outside.
  • Looking at colour outside and doing a colour survey.
  • Den building and the most favourite activity of all, having hot chocolate in their den!
  • Scavenger hunt and making the Mr Forest Man face!