Class 5 News

Class 5 Visit Streamvale Farm


This autumn as part of our project on ‘The Countryside’ we had a brilliant day out at Streamvale Farm. The day began with a story in the barn about a new little tractor coming to work on the farm, then we were given a demonstration of how harvesting takes place using model farm equipment which was very interesting. We learnt the difference between straw and hay.


After some refreshments, we were allowed to feed the chickens and visit the ducks in their pond. Next we got to stroke two cute little puppies, examine a family of mice in their play-house and hold new born chicks and so many other things. While we were feeding cabbage to rabbits, goats and sheep we got to interview the farmer and ask him questions about his day. We also saw the largest bull ever, called ‘Wallace’ and watched in awe as a mother sow gave her eight piglets a drink.


Finally we had a great time on a rope course, zip-wire and buying gifts in the farm shop. It was a great visit and we learnt so much about farm life.



Planting seeds with Margaret


We went to the Valley Leisure Centre to have a lesson on planting seeds. It was great fun and we learnt about fork to plate and how pollution causes global warming.  If we grow our own fruits and vegetables it will help reduce global warming and it is fun too!


As part of the topic “Caring for our World” we learnt how to recycle waste using kerbie bins, sorting litter and recycle water by putting it throw a filter.