Class 3 News


Hello from Class 3.


We are a Key Stage 2 class combining and hearing impairments with a range of abilities. We like to think we are the best class in the school.


Soooooo, what sort of things do we do? It depends on us and our ability. Our teacher is really good at giving us individual work for numeracy and literacy, we get together as a class for other subjects. We’re very busy every day and we love coming to school.


We do the usual – numeracy – some of the class have learnt all about equal additions, decomposition and some of us are we under way with times tables and division! Some of us are working with numbers to 30. We’ve learnt data handling and representing date on graphs, 2D and 3D shapes, time, money and measurement.


In literacy, we do the same as mainstream primary – spellings, comprehension, reading, grammar, writing stories and lots more. Our teacher really focuses and tells our mummy’s and daddy’s – ‘ If you can’t read, you can do your work’ It’s true!


We get our worksheets and curriculum adapted for. Pictures for the hearing impaired, large print for the partially sighted and tactile for the braille users. We all enjoy multi-sensory activities  – who wouldn’t? In fact, because our teacher caters for a variety of impairments, we are really engaged in the activities – visual or kinaesthetic.


We all love the World Around Us! Throughout the year we have been investigating a variety of topics such as learning about the Environment, Recycling, the Human Body and Flight. Our learning activities provided by our teacher gives us the opportunity bring the classroom outside and take advantage of our beautiful nature reserve just one of the amazing facilities we have at our school.