Class 2 News

Hello from class 2. 


We are a Key Stage 1 class combining visual and hearing impairments along with a range of abilities. We like to think we are the best class in the school – our teachers think so. 


So, what sort of things do we do. It depends on us and our ability. Our teachers are really good at giving us individual work for numeracy and literacy, we get together as a class for the other subjects. We’re very busy, every day. We love coming to school.


 We do the usual – numeracy –Some of us are working with numbers to 10 or 20 and some know their numbers all the way up to 100. We’ve learnt about 2D and 3D shapes, time and money.  


In Literacy, we do the same as mainstream primary – spellings, comprehension, reading, grammar and lots more. We do reading and spellings every day because it is so important for all our work. 


Our worksheets and curriculum are adapted for us. Pictures and signing for the deaf pupils, large print for the partially sighted and tactile for braille users. We all enjoy multi-sensory activities, and, because our teachers cater for a variety of impairments, we are really engaged in the activities – visual, auditory or kinesthetic.


We all love learning about the World Around Us in the first term we learnt all about space, autumn, Christmas, the Farm and next term we will be learning about lighthouses.


For our farm topic we learnt all about where are food comes from and we hope to visit the farm in April so stay tuned for the photos.